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The Gift of Life and seven sacred pieces


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This album presents eight of John Rutter’s recent choral works. The largest of these, The Gift of Life: Six Canticles of Creation, is Rutter’s first extended choral work since Mass of the Children (written over ten years ago), recorded less than three months after its premiere in April 2015, and released a week before the work’s London premiere with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in November 2015.

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John Rutter Conductor
The Cambridge Singers
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Track listing

1. O all ye works of the Lord
2. The tree of life
3. Hymn to the Creator of Light
4. O Lord, how manifold are thy works
5. The gift of each day
6. Believe in life

Seven sacred pieces
7. Give the king thy judgements, O God
8. A flower remembered
9. The Quest
10. Psalm 150
11. Christ is the morning star
12. All bells in paradise
13. Rejoice and sing

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