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Mozart Wind Serenades


Chamber soloists of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra showcase the best of Mozart's delightful Wind Serenades – music composed to accompany lavish eighteenth-century banquets.


John Anderson, Timothy Watts Oboes
Douglas Mitchell, Thomas Watmough, Rachel Brown, Alan Andrews Clarinets / Basset horns
Daniel Jemison, Helen Simons Bassoons
David Chatterton Contrabassoon
Martin Owen, Kathryn Saunders, Andrew Fletcher, Phil Woods French horns
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Track listing

Serenade No.12 in C Minor, K388, 'Nacht Musique'
1. i Allegro
2. ii Andante
3. iii Menuetto in Canone
4. iv Allegro

Serenade No.10 in B flat Major for Thirteen Wind Instruments, K361, 'Gran Partita'
5. i Largo
6. ii Menuetto
7. iii Adagio
8. iv Menuetto - Allegretto
9. v Romanze - Adagio
10. vi Tema con Variazioni
11. vii Rondo

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