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Grzegorz Nowak Conducts Mussorgsky


Grzegorz Nowak conducts the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in a number of works by Modest Mussorgsky, including his vivid work of ten 'pictures', Pictures at an Exhibition.

‘A celebration of Mussorgsky’s greatest orchestral masterworks, performed with panache by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and their Permanent Associate Conductor Grzegorz Nowak.’  (Presto Classical) 


Grzegorz Nowak Conductor
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Track listing

Pictures at an Exhibition (orch. Gorchakov)
1. Promenade I
2. Gnomus (Gnome)
3. Promenade II
4. Il vecchio castello (The Old Castle)
5. Promenade III
6. Tuileries (Children Quarrelling at Play)
7. Bydlo (Cattle)
8. Promenade IV
9. Ballet des poussins dans leur coques (Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks)
10. ‘Samuel’ Goldenberg und ‘Schmuÿle’
11. Promenade V
12. Limoges – Le Marché (Limoges – The Market)
13. Catacombae - Sepulcrum romanum (Catacombs – Roman Burial)
14. Promenade VI. Cum mortuis in lingua mortua (With the Dead in a Dead Language)
15. La Cabane sur des Pattes de Poule (The Hut on Fowl’s Legs - Baba-Yaga)
16. La Grande Porte de Kiev (The Great Gate of Kiev)

17. Night on the Bare Mountain

Khovanshchina (orch. Rimsky-Korsakov)
18. Prelude: Dawn over the Moscow River
19. Dance of the Persian Maidens
20. Prince Golitsyn’s Journey into Exile

Sorochinsky Fair (orch. Liadov)
21. Introduction
22. Gopak

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