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English String Classics (Here Come the Classics Volume 4)


This all-English disc features string classics by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Benjamin Britten, George Butterworth, Edward Elgar and Gustav Holst. All composed in the twentieth century, these works epitomise the state of English classical music, bridging the gap between tradition and modernism.


Christopher Warren-Green, Nick Davies Conductors
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Track listing

1. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis

BRITTEN Simple Symphony
2. i. Boisterous Bouree
3. ii. Playful Pizzicato
4. iii. Sentimental Sarabande
5. iv. Frolicsome Finale

6. BUTTERWORTH Banks of Green Willow: Idyll for Orchestra

ELGAR Serenade for Strings
7. i. Allegro piacevole
8. ii. Larghetto
9. iii. Allegretto

HOLST St Paul's Suite
10. i. Jig
11. ii. Ostinato
12. iii. Intermezzo
13. iv. Finale (The Dargason)

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