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The Planets (Here Come the Classics Volume 13)


Holst’s full orchestral suite: The PlanetsMars: the bringer of war, Venus: the bringer of peace, Mercury: the winged messenger, Jupiter: the bringer of jollity, Saturn: the bringer of old age, Uranus: the magician and Neptune: the mystic; Matthews’ Pluto and Holst’s A Somerset Rhapsody.

Repackaged in 2016.

This recording is also available as an album download (MP3/FLAC).


Owain Arwel Hughes Conductor
The Cambridge Singers
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Track listing

  1. HOLST The Planets: Mars
  2. HOLST The Planets: Venus
  3. HOLST The Planets: Mercury
  4. HOLST The Planets: Jupiter
  5. HOLST The Planets: Saturn
  6. HOLST The Planets: Uranus
  7. HOLST The Planets: Neptune
  8. MATTHEWS Pluto
  9. HOLST A Somerset Rhapsody

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